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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

3 Options For An Energy Efficient AC To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Isaiah Chapman

If you are ready for a new air conditioner, you may want to consider an alternative to the conventional forced-air systems. Today, there are many other choices that can help you stay cool and pay less on your utility bills. You may want to consider options like ductless AC systems, evaporative coolers and ventilation to cool your home on a budget. Here are some of the best options to add energy efficient cooling to your home this summer:

1. Less Labor, Materials And Energy With Ductless AC To Cool An Entire Home

The conventional forced-air AC has used ducts to distribute the cool air in your home. This can cause money because of the labor and materials installed. It may also be the source of lost energy as cool air travels through ductwork. A good alternative can be to have a ductless AC system installed in your home. Ductless systems do not require as much labor or materials, which can help keep the cost down when you have your AC installed. It can also help you save with a system that delivers the cool air directly to your home without loss traveling through ducts.

2. Evaporative Coolers For Dry Climates Where Conventional AC May Be Too Costly

Evaporative coolers can be another option that you may want to consider for your home. These are different than conventional AC because they use the process of evaporation to cool the air in your home. Coolers are ideal for dry climates where the use of a conventional AC can be costly, such as in desert climates. It can also be used in other areas that have dry summer months with low humidity. If you live in an area with a humid climate, then an evaporative cooler may not be the right solution for your home.

3. Ventilation And Combination Systems For The Best Performance In Any Climate

Ventilation is also important to keep your home cool and today, there are even systems that can use entire home ventilation for cooling. This can be combined with solutions like a combo evaporation cooler, which is a hybrid of evaporative cooling and conventional force-air AC. These systems use the best of all the types of cooling to keep your home cool, while using as little energy as possible.

These are some of the best options that you may want to consider to have energy efficient cooling to your home. If you are ready to have a new AC installed, contact an air conditioning installation service and talk with them about solutions like ductless AC or an evaporative cooler for your home. Contact a business, such as D & W Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., for more information.