Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems
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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

4 Questions To Ask Before Furnace Replacement

Isaiah Chapman

Looking to replace the furnace in your home? If so, then you'll want to contact an experienced and trusted HVAC company to handle the job. They'll be able to install a new furnace in your home and, most likely, haul away the old one for you. Before you sign a contract with any HVAC company, however, there are a few questions worth asking to be sure you're getting a fair deal.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

A new furnace doesn't come cheap, so unless you plan on paying thousands of dollars in-full, you'll probably want to inquire about payment options with your HVAC company. Many of them offer third-party financing that can break up the cost of your new furnace into smaller monthly payments over a period of a few years. Some even offer zero interest, so it's the same as paying cash but without the burden on your wallet.

What's Your Current Lead Time?

Often, time is of the essence when having a new furnace installed--especially if your existing furnace isn't heating your home properly. You'll want to make sure the HVAC company can have your new heating system installed in a timely manner so you're not left in the cold. Be sure to ask about lead times and have a completion date outlined in your contract before you sign it.

How Do You Size a New Unit?

The size and capacity of your new furnace will depend on the square footage of your home, the number of floors in your home, and many other factors. Don't hesitate to ask an HVAC company how they size new heating units to ensure they're the right capacity for your space. They should be able to explain the formula they use to determine just the right size furnace for your home.

What Type of Guarantee Do You Offer?

Any reputable HVAC company should stand behind their work and their products, so be sure to find out not only what type of warranty is included from the manufacturer, but what type of guarantee the HVAC team offers on their installation/labor. If they don't offer one, it may be time to look elsewhere.

These are just a few of the most important questions worth asking when your home is in need of furnace replacement. By getting the answers to these questions, you can ultimately make the most informed decision regarding which HVAC company is right for you. Contact a service, like L.J. KRUSE COMPANY, for more help.