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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Six Heating System Mistakes That Could Compromise Your Health

Isaiah Chapman

It's important for homeowners to be aware of the fact that their heating system could impact their health. There are numerous health risks that can result from mistakes regarding the use and maintenance of a heating system.

The following are six heating system mistakes that could compromise your health. 

Keeping the same air filter in place too long

Changing the air filter on your furnace is the most important routine maintenance task to ensure efficient furnace operation. However, changing your air filter isn't only important for furnace efficiency. It's also important for maintaining healthy interior air quality in your home. 

Running your heating system too long with the same air filter in place can allow allergens and contaminants to build up in your interiors. This could cause or aggravate respiratory problems for members of your household. 

Ignoring dry air

Heating system operation can sometimes dry the air out inside a home. It's important to remedy any issues with dry air in your home by using a humidifier. Dry air can be unhealthy because it could aggravate respiratory problems as well as irritate the skin and eyes. 

Neglecting to have an old furnace replaced

It can be unhealthy to continue using an old furnace after your heating system service provider has recommended that you replace it. Older furnaces are more likely to have problems such as gas leaks that can lead to a variety of health risks and complications for household members. 

Keeping your thermostat set too low

Some homeowners are tempted to set their thermostats low to save on utility costs. However, it's important that you're not setting your thermostat too low because living in an excessively cold home can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, flu, and numerous other conditions for some household members. 

An ideal thermostat setting for the winter months during the daytime is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set your thermostat a few degrees lower at night and while you're away. However, it's not a good idea to set your thermostat much lower than this during the daytime while you're at home. 

Never having your furnace inspected

Furnace inspections are important to make sure that your furnace is still operating properly and won't cause either air quality issues or safety risks such as fire hazards. Scheduling a yearly inspection for your furnace and heating system is a good idea. 

Never having your ducts cleaned or inspected

Your ducts channel conditioned air through your home. If they are dirty due to the presence of pests or mold/mildew growth, this could lower the air quality in your home. That's why it's important to have your ducts cleaned and inspected periodically. 

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