Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems
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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Why Radiant In-Floor Heat Is The Best Way To Keep Your Home Warm

Isaiah Chapman

Building a new home and looking for the best heating system for it? If so, radiant floor heat is an excellent choice that you can't go wrong with. Here are a few reasons to install a radiant heat system.


There is a big difference in the comfort that radiant heat can provide over forced-air heating. Radiant heat works by running hot water pipes underneath your floor in a grid, where the heat from the water travels upward through the floor and into the room. The warmth from the hot water originates at the bottom half of the room and travels upward. This results in your head feeling cool and your feet feeling warm.

That grid of hot water pipes also helps evenly heat each room of your home. You won't have a desk in the corner of the room that creates a cold spot where your feet are located all day long while you work, or a hotspot near an air vent where the heat is blowing right on top of you. 

Energy Efficiency

Radiant heat works so well because hot water does a great job of retaining heat. Unlike hot air where the heat dissipates fairly quickly, hot water can remain in those pipes for quite some time and give off heat to the room above them. This allows your heating system to use less energy to heat your home as a result. 

In addition, radiant heat works from the floor up. You don't waste energy heating the upper part of the room near the ceiling.


A forced-air heating system is going to heat the whole home or nothing at all. This is because the furnace blows air through the ductwork, and the most control you have over each room of the house is closing the vents. 

Radiant heat systems have zones, where a set of hot water pipes is connected to the central boiler. A thermostat in each room gives you control of the heat in that specific room. If someone wants the room to feel a bit cooler, then they can turn down their thermostat so that the water isn't as hot. If they want more heat, they can turn up the thermostat and bring more hot water to the room. 

Reach out to a local area heating contractor for more information on radiant heat. You'll be surprised at what a wonderful method it can be at heating your home.