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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Vent Cleaning

Isaiah Chapman

Air vents circulate the air in your air conditioner. When the air vents are dirty, your AC system's efficiency is affected. This increases your heating and cooling expenses while resulting in expensive repairs. Here are signs that you need air conditioner duct cleaning.

Ice on the Coil and Condenser

One of the signs that you need to clean your AC vents is if you notice a buildup of ice. This is because the main way your AC cools your home is through the coils. When your air ducts are dirty, ice forms on the coils. 

Consequently, your AC works harder than expected. This leads to high energy bills since it takes a long time for your AC to heat your home. You can resolve this by simply cleaning the air ducts regularly.

Respiratory Problems

If you suddenly notice that you or members of your household are suffering from an allergy, asthma, sinus, or some other respiratory condition, check your air conditioner vents. Excessive debris and dirt circulating through your ducts could be the reason for the unexplained respiratory problems.

Air circulates through your home several times every day. Therefore, if your ducts are dirty, this could affect your indoor air quality. If wheezing and sneezing are a problem, call an air conditioning service to inspect the ducts. Some other additional measures to consider include installing indoor air cleaners, fresh air systems, air sanitization systems, dehumidification systems, and sealing cracks in your home.

Pest Infestation

When pests are in your ductwork, they leave droppings. When they move inside the air ducts, they leave fecal spores. These spores contaminate the air in your house. This could also lead to respiratory problems.

Another sign of a pest infestation is chewed-up material in your AC's ductwork. Pests are attracted by dirt and debris in your ductwork. Therefore, you can resolve the issue by regular duct cleaning. 

Mold Growth

Mold can irritate your lungs and lead to respiratory conditions. Additionally, it can destroy your household furnishings. It isn't easy to detect mold in your HVAC ducts. However, one way to identify mold is by its musty smell.

It's difficult to reach the air vent covered in mold and disinfect it. Therefore, it's crucial that you call a professional to handle the problem. One of the ways to avoid mold is by cleaning the ducts. Also, ensure there is no moisture in your AC and the ducts and other heating sources aren't emitting more than the standard ventilation.

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