Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems
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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

AC System Owners Should Know These 3 Components

Isaiah Chapman

Whether you're dealing with AC installation or repair issues, it's a good idea to understand the basic components of your system. If you want to have a better conversation with an air conditioning contractor, you should learn a bit about these three system components.


Every AC system needs to exchange heated and humid air with the outside to efficiently do its job. The condenser is an external air conditioning component that usually works in conjunction with a fan to complete the cycle of ejecting hot air and producing cool, conditioned refrigerant for your home. Warm refrigerant runs through the condenser, loses the heat, and re-enters the system to be cooled again.

Condensers can have mechanical malfunctions due to the moving parts failing. AC repair technicians will also tell you they've seen condensers struggle because of dead leaves clogging them or even animals like squirrels piling nuts into the system.


Just as you need to have an interface with the outside, your AC installation also has to have one on the inside. The evaporator brings cooled fluid or gas from the condenser into the house. Using coils, the evaporator then cools the surrounding air. A filter cleans the air and a blower motor sends the air through vents into your home's living areas.

With the exception of leaks, there are few AC repair problems that appear in the evaporator. If anything will fail, it's likely to be the blower motor. This usually happens due to mechanical wear and tear. You might also encounter issues with incorrect or dirty filters. Dirt is a bigger issue after the AC hasn't been in use for several months and dust has had a chance to settle on the filter.


There is one more interface, and that's the human interface. You want to be able to control your home's AC setup. An AC installation services provider will install a convenient control panel called a thermostat that you can easily access. This is often connected to the heating system, hence the H in the term HVAC, which describes contractors in the industry.

A thermostat can suffer electrical failures after many years of use. They also may just become obsolete, especially if you'd like to upgrade to a newer system that includes AI, wireless, and voice assistant capabilities. In rare cases, old thermostats get knocked around enough that they might suffer wiring disconnects.

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