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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Four Air Conditioning Problems Your Dog Could Be Causing

Isaiah Chapman

Dogs can be a danger to your air conditioner even when you don't realize it. Here are four air conditioning problems your dog could be causing.

Clogged Air Filters

Regular shedding is a common characteristic among dogs, and their fur can easily find its way into your air conditioning system. Over time, this accumulated pet hair can clog the air filters, restricting proper airflow and impeding the system's performance.

HVAC contractors can help fix this problem and prevent it in the future. During routine maintenance or repair visits, they inspect the air filters and recommend replacements if they are clogged with pet hair.  They can also upgrade your filters to ones that are less likely to be clogged or add additional protection to your vents to stop fur from getting to interior filters.

Restricted Air Vents

Dogs are often curious and may inadvertently block or tamper with air vents. This can disrupt the airflow and create inconsistent cooling throughout your home.

HVAC contractors can inspect all the vents in your property to ensure they are clear and unobstructed, allowing the air to flow freely. If necessary, they may suggest vent covers or adjustments to prevent future blockages caused by your pets. This will ensure your air conditioning system provides even cooling and isn't strained by blocked airflow.

Damaged Wiring

Puppies that are teething or dogs with a chewing habit might chew the electrical wiring surrounding the air conditioning unit. This poses a serious risk of electrical malfunction or even fire hazards.

If you suspect your dog has damaged the wiring, seek professional assistance from HVAC contractors. They have the expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of the wiring and repair any damage found. Additionally, they can install wire guards or enclosures around the exposed wiring to prevent further incidents.

Outdoor Unit Damage

Dogs may also chew or play with the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system. Unfortunately, their scratching, chewing, or pawing can cause damage to the unit's components, including the fins, coils, or electrical elements.

When it comes to resolving outdoor unit damage caused by pets, HVAC contractors are experienced in diagnosing and addressing such issues. During their inspection, they thoroughly examine the unit for any signs of physical harm. If necessary, they will repair or replace damaged parts and recommend suitable measures to safeguard the outdoor unit to keep your dog from doing more damage in the future.

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