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Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Hello, my name is Jacob. I would like to talk about proper installation and repair of the HVAC system in your commercial building. Full scale HVAC systems for commercial buildings require ongoing maintenance and repairs to keep every floor and room at a comfortable temperature. These temperature control systems also control the air quality in the building by sending the airflow through filter elements. My site will cover all aspects of the upkeep needed for these systems. I will also talk about the benefits of keeping your air quality and temperatures at desirable levels. Thanks for coming to visit my website.

Learning About Commercial HVAC Systems

Summer Furnace Repair And Maintenance? How To Increase Winter Efficiency Right Now

Isaiah Chapman

How can you reduce your winter heating costs in the summertime? The weather is warm and you won't need to use your heater for months to come. But this doesn't mean that you can't prepare for the winter. Take a look at the summer furnace repair and maintenance tasks that can help improve your heating system's energy efficiency next winter.

Schedule Service

Yes, you can schedule furnace maintenance service and repairs during the warm weather months. Even though you may think of pre-season maintenance as a fall service that you schedule as soon as the temperature drops, you don't have to wait until October or November for heating system maintenance.

If you wait to schedule a pre-season furnace checkup, cleaning, and other annual maintenance until the winter, you may not get the appointment time/day you need. The longer you wait for this essential HVAC service, the more energy your heater could waste. The same is true for residential furnace repair services.

A debris-clogged heating system, wear and tear, damage, or a dirty filter could slow the appliance down and increase energy usage. This can reduce efficiency and cost you unnecessary heating bills. A summertime furnace service eliminates the need to waste money on extra electricity or fuel charges that result from a dirty system or wear or damage that requires repair.

Change the Filter

The air filter is an HVAC component that you might use year-round. The same filter that stops dirt, dust, pollen, pollutants, pet fur, and allergens from reaching the indoor air during the summer cooling system also helps to reduce contaminants in the winter. This type of double-duty use makes it important to change or clean (depending on the type of filter your system uses) the filter often.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you should clean/replace the AC filter at least every month or two months. Some homeowners may need to change the filter more often during the summer cooling season. If you have pets, a household member has allergies, a household member has respiratory issues, or your home is dusty, you may need to increase your filter change schedule.

Summer-time filter changes can do more than just help to keep the air clean in the summer. They can decrease overall wear on the HVAC system and increase efficiency. If you have a forced air heating/cooling system, this can help to preserve the durability of the heater and may make it more efficient in the winter. It can also help you prepare for the colder months. A late-summer filter change gives you a clean start to the fall and winter heating seasons.

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